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Decorate using tires

Writing the previous article was really fun and it gave us the idea to further on explore how tires can be used to decorate your garden or backyard. We showed you how to create an amazing swing and, in this article, we are going to show a few great ideas that will make you think twice before throwing away the tires you no longer use. We believe that, with just a little patience, anything can be transformed into something beautiful!

1. Tire planters

Use plywood to create a bottom for your planters and attach 4 wooden legs (they could logs read more

How to maintain a healthy lawn

Growing and maintaining a lawn might seem the easiest job (it’s only grass, after all), but, this couldn’t be more wrong. Actually, it takes a lot of time and special care. So what are the key points to consider when talking … read more

Suspended Gardens

Have you ever heard of the suspended gardens of Babylon? If not, perhaps you will be surprised to find out they covered over 15,000 square meters and their height was 77 meters (4 terraces). You might ask yourself what it … read more Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...