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A cinema in your garden

Do you have an impressive movie collection that you would like to see over and over again with your friends, in a special ambiance? The ideal solution is a cinema right in your garden. Although it seems hard to accomplish, things are actually very simple, the investment is minimal and the results are spectacular.

The first step is to choose where you want the projection to occur. Make sure you have access to electricity and the light sources in the environment (neighboring houses, street lighting and car headlights) are not reflected on the read more

Japanese Gardens

Don’t you just love Japanese gardens? If you do, and you decide on decorating your own garden in this style, you should know this is not just landscaping, but an art based on very strong philosophical principals and various symbols; … read more

Small garden tricks

Perhaps the space around your house is small and you find it difficult to achieve that spectacular look you keep seeing on our website? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are a few simple tricks to come to your … read more

More garden lighting ideas

Lighting the area surrounding your house is of utmost importance! Primarily, because nighttime dangers are numerous and secondly, because visual-wise, light ensembles look positively stunning. There are many options when it comes to garden/yard lighting: – Pillars of different shapes, sizes … read more

Plants vs. Mosquitoes

By now, you must be enjoying the summer, your tan that’s becoming more beautiful with each passing day and long evenings spent in the garden. But with summer it’s not just about the joy. Let’s not forget this is the … read more

Bird Houses in your Garden

Each year, you consider it your duty to transform the garden into a friendly environment for your friends and family. Today, we are asking you: have you ever considered the more… unusual guests? The ones you never invite but nevertheless … read more

Lucky plants for your garden

If you are passionate about the art of Feng Shui, the one that shares a philosophy based on Japanese culture and traditions, then you probably already know that any form generates a certain kind of energy. So what plants should you plant … read more

A relaxation corner in your garden

A garden is meant to bring added value to your home, to enhance it, but first and foremost, it is a place dedicated to relaxation and quality time spent with your friends and family. After all, what can be more … read more Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...