Monthly Archives: September 2014

Introduction to topiary

You have certainly seen in parks and other houses’ gardens bushes that look perfect, trimmed in sophisticated shapes: pyramid, sphere, spiral or even in the shape of different objects such as cars, bicycles, letters and sometimes animals. If you are tempted to practice this art (because in the end it takes much skill to model such forms of greenery) perhaps the first thing you should know is that not all plants are equally suitable for this task. The most appropriate plants, due to the texture of its leaves and the dense crown, are: cranberry, cypress, oleander, read more

Outdoor kitchens

We talked a lot about regular kitchens, so it’s time to approach the outdoor kitchens subject. Starting early in spring and up until the autumn’s end, the garden should be the primary place for relaxation and having dinner in the … read more

Tools organizing

Of course, when you want a neat garden, you know you must have all the necessary tools. We are not going to enumerate them here, but we wonder how much attention do you pay to the tools organizing activities. Ideally, … read more

Gardening for children

Gardening for children – education in more than one way. Have you ever thought that, perhaps, your desire to have a beautiful garden originates sometime in your childhood? It’s very likely, so it’s now time for your kids to learn … read more

Surveillance systems for your backyard

Are backyard surveillance systems truly necessary? Your efforts in having a beautiful garden are starting to show, so it’s time to talk a little about protecting it from uninvited guests. And how else if not by using a backyard surveillance … read more