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Famous movie gardens

Whenever you watch a movie, your eye is also caught by the secondary things, like the actors’ clothes, the furniture, spectacular pieces of jewelry or, why not, amazing gardens. Do you remember such green havens that you have seen on TV or in the movie theater? If your memory playing tricks, we will help you with a few examples of famous movie gardens.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

If you saw this romantic comedy, you certainly remember the final scene of this movie which stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It all takes place in 91 Street Garden, located in New York Riverside Park, above the river. And if you did not know, a voluntary organization called Garden People takes care of this wonderful oasis by planting hibiscus read more

The outdoor fireplace

The season is changing and, perhaps, you are missing those relaxed evenings you were spending in the middle of the nature, those beautiful and relaxed summer nights in the garden near your house. There is a solution for you to … read more

The garden office

Working from home, contrary to popular opinion, is not very easy, unless you do this only once in every blue moon. Therefore, working outdoor, while enjoying the natural light and the fresh air can save you many headaches. The only … read more Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...