Backyard beach

Some of you are fortunate enough to be living near a sea or ocean. Perhaps this article is not for you. However, the vast majority of us lives in crowded cities where the blue waters are far away. Fortunately, we can bring the beach in our backyard. Read on and find some great ideas!


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the beach? The sand, of course. Well, that’s what you should start with. The more sand you get, the more spectacular the effect will be. Place some garden chairs and

umbrellas and build a brick fire pit right in the middle. How many times did you want to build a bonfire on the beach but you didn’t because, oh well, it’s illegal? Now you have the opportunity to do that on your own private backyard beach.

This space will be very versatile. It will be a great spot for relaxation, sunbathing or reading, but, after the night falls, it’s the perfect venue for a party.


A bar

We mentioned parties above and we are going to take that idea a little further. If you want to be a good host, build a wooden bar or improvise one in a gazebo. To enhance the beach theme, make sure you serve colourful cocktails or drinks in coconuts.



If the first part is quite easy to achieve, this is considerably more expensive. If you have a pool, that’s perfect. If not, you might consider building one. The advantage of building a pool from scratch is the possibility of choosing a beach theme right from the beginning, so you don’t have to modify it later. Choose a model that simulates the sea!


A low budget version?

With just a patch of sand, and umbrella and a lounger you can create a small, but very comfortable mini-beach.


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