Bird Houses in your Garden

Each year, you consider it your duty to transform the garden into a friendly environment for your friends and family. Today, we are asking you: have you ever considered the more… unusual guests? The ones you never invite but nevertheless they always come to make your day more beautiful? We are referring, of course, to the birds, butterflies and ladybugs.

If you love the sound of birds, you have to think about making their stay as comfortable as possible.

1. If you don’t have a water fountain, place a big vessel

filled with water; birds will surely enjoy bathing there. Make sure you pour fresh water every day and you clean the recipient at least once a week.

2. Create a “wild spot” where plants can grow freely, without being cut or pruned. If something dies and dries, leave it there – birds will use it for their nests. Don’t forget, an excessively neat garden keeps these “guests” away.

3. You can also leave the grass grow freely on a portion of your lawn. So make sure you don’t maw everything. This will attract the birds to nest and feed with the seeds.

4. Last, but not least, put up some bird houses and leave some food there. You can either buy the houses in stores (home decor, cash and carry etc.) or improvise them. Birds are not that picky when it comes to shelters. Here are some ideas:

– An old tea pot

bird 1

– A boot that no longer has its sibling

bird 3

– A regular plastic box

bird 2

By constructing a bird house, you will help these animals find shelter when the weather is not very friendly, but the decor value of these is not to be ignored. Besides this, it’s a very fun and relaxing activity that also teaches children a few things about their responsibility towards nature.

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