How to build a brick barbecue?

Building is not for everyone, but, when it comes to brick barbecues, you don’t need a lot of experience. Just the right tools, materials, and some spare time. Actually, it’s something everyone can do if they put their mind to it.

Start by pouring a concrete slab.

If you don’t have a walk or a concrete surface, you need to create one. Measure using the cooking tray to determine the size of the placement.

Take into consideration the thickness of the walls and leave a few extra inches “just in case”. Mix a fast-drying cement (instructions will be provider by the manufacturer), pour it over the gravel and allow it to cure for 48 hours.


First course.

Use bricks or blocks and lay them on the perimeter. Leave half an inch between them for mortar and make sure you have perfect corners. After you laid them, mark the perimeter for guidance. Start the actual laying with premixed mortar along the marked lines.

Keep building.

Continue with the next courses until you reach the desired height. Important: On the penultimate course, flip some bricks so they jut out into the barbecue. These will serve as support for the cooking tray.


Ta-daaa. There you have it!

Tip! If you want a “counter”, build a similar structure next to your barbecue and cover it with a concrete slab or a wood board.


photos via Pinterest

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