Decorate using tires

Writing the previous article was really fun and it gave us the idea to further on explore how tires can be used to decorate your garden or backyard. We showed you how to create an amazing swing and, in this article, we are going to show a few great ideas that will make you think twice before throwing away the tires you no longer use. We believe that, with just a little patience, anything can be transformed into something beautiful!

1. Tire planters

Use plywood to create a bottom for your planters and attach 4 wooden legs (they could logs

or the legs from an old chair). Look how easy and cheap it is to obtain an original flower pot. Fill them up with dirt and plant whatever you like. Don’t forget to punch some holes into the bottom and water the plants.


2. Rocking chairs

Use a larger tire (a truck tire will do just fine) and cut it in half. Take two wooden planks and coat them in some soft materials (i.e. old blankets). Place the planks on the cut edge of each tire half and you have two rocking chairs. To make them more appealing for your children, paint them in cheerful colors.


3. Sandbox

A sandbox is something all children love, but, in some cases, parents are not able to provide one because of the limited space. We have an idea for that. Find a plastic basin with the proper diameter and place it inside an old tire. Place the sand inside and there you have it. A small but very effective sandbox for the young ones.


4. Ornamental zebra or dragon

Do you have more than one old tire? Use them to create a “zoo” for your children. Make sure you sketch up everything before cutting. You can simplify any designs to lines and circles, allowing you to create all sorts of animals, whether they are domestic, wild or mythical.



photos via Pinterest

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