Drapes in the backyard

When it comes to drapes, usually we think about a house’s interior, about the living room or about the bedroom. Well, some of them can be very well used to decorate a gazebo or a pavilion terrace, having both an aesthetical and practical use. The true challenge is choosing them in a way that integrates them perfectly in the outdoor design, coordinating with the house design and environment.

Outdoor drapes have the primary role of compartmentalization. The front terrace can be a place exposed to everyone’s eyes, but with the help of drapes, it can be easily transformed into an intimate place,

protected from curious glances and at the same time protected from the sun’s rays.


A pergola will always give that special air to your garden, transforming it into a nice place where you can receive your friends, have parties or dine together. It’s aspect, however, will be considerably improved if you hang drapes in the corners. The drapes will protect you from the sun rays in the hot afternoons and from the coolness in the late autumn evenings. Of course, they will also help you keep the insects away. By putting out drapes in your garden, you will achieve the perfect combination of the aesthetics with functionality.


Do you like vivid colors and you have no idea how to make them integrate in your exterior design? Well, the curtains may be the key to a spectacular design. Match the curtains with a few decorative pillows and prepare yourself for a relaxation in a paradisiacal area.


Garden drapes are offering the pergola texture, color and a sophisticated air, while also “seasoning” the aspect of your garden. When you want to integrate in your garden more posing and romantic fabrics, energetic stripes, strong and versatile colors or prints inspired by nature, without any doubt, the garden drapes are the way to go. It’s only up to you and your imagination to transform the space annexed to your house in a relaxed and eye-pleasing spot.

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