Garden Lighting: Solar Lights

In this article, we are going to discuss a very eco-friendly and low maintenance lighting solution for your garden. However, before that, we feel it is of utmost importance to mention just how important your garden lighting scheme is. When planning it, some people are considering the appearance and that, of course, is very understandable, but there are two other aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked: security and access.

Solar lights are an amazing option!

There are two major advantages with solar lights. First, they run on the power absorbed from the sun during the day, therefore you won’t have to lie any power chords and second, the

maintenance and power costs are practically zero.

How do they work?

Solar lights soak up solar energy during the day-time and they light up in the evening and at night. They do not require any cords for traditional electricity, nor do they need to be supplied with any kind of batteries.

Where do I place them?

It is very important to place the solar lights in an area that gets a lot of sun. To work flawless throughout the night, such a device needs between 8 and 10 hours of sunbathing. Make sure the sun streams directly onto them.

Another layout tip, an aesthetical one this time, is to place them along the alleys, at equal distances. This will create a beautiful view and, let’s face it, it also helps to see where you’re stepping. If you have a pergola or a gazebo, make a circle around it, it will enhance the look and will also provide the necessary for beautiful evenings spent with your loved ones.

Advantages at a glance.

Money – Solar lights are an investment. Even though they are a bit more expensive when you purchase them, think about all the energy you will save as long as you have them.

Installation – Installing solar lights is child’s play. Some of them can be installed just by sticking them into the ground.

Flexibility – Since they are so easy to install, it’s only natural they are also easy to relocate. You can change the lighting design anytime in no time.

LED technology – Because of the LED technology, they will almost never burn out.

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