The garden office

Working from home, contrary to popular opinion, is not very easy, unless you do this only once in every blue moon. Therefore, working outdoor, while enjoying the natural light and the fresh air can save you many headaches. The only necessary and sufficient condition is to invest some time and effort into building a garden office.

Seems strange? It’s not at all like that. Many have thought this idea is worthy of your consideration, so there are now many modern, modular constructions you can place directly in your home

garden or backyard. They are aiming to be secluded places, in the middle of the nature, far from the temptations you can find in the house. An oasis of tranquility where you can work more efficiently. Make sure you have installed a pretty good Internet connection and you have all the files close to you and you’re all set.


If you are a bohemian kind of person, you can also arrange a vintage office.

You will need an old desk (or a hand made one), a few rugs with Oriental motifs. The beauty is in the details, so the most important elements are the decor items. Like an old typewriter you can use to write letters and documents from time to time, for fun and variety.


If you want a garden office, don’t forget the gazebo. You can definitely take advantage of this place surrounded by greenery.


Keep in mind that, if your office is special and unique, this will boost your performance and creativity. We’re not saying that; scientists are. Besides that, who wouldn’t want, alongside comfort, a beautiful view that reduces stress associated with work.

No matter which style you choose and how you arrange the space, working in the heart of the nature will definitely be more enjoyable.

photos via Pinterest

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