Gardening for children

Gardening for children – education in more than one way.

Have you ever thought that, perhaps, your desire to have a beautiful garden originates sometime in your childhood? It’s very likely, so it’s now time for your kids to learn to love the greenery around the house, cherish the plants and care for them.

You can start encouraging your child to have his or her own small garden. For this, you have to find a bucket or a basket and make sure you have enough fertilized soil to fill about three quarters of the volume. Let your child pick the plants, but make sure you direct him

to those that are not very pretentious, thus assuring his or her success. It’s very important for the little one to keep an enthusiastic attitude and the will to continue the new habits. Ideal for such a project are the zinnia seeds or, why not, tomato seedlings.


You will also need patience and some plastic gardening tools, to prevent injuries. Teach your child to plant the seedlings or seeds, and then to check the soil humidity and water them whenever needed.

An older child can have his own few square meters right in the garden. The key to success in this enterprise will be the variety of plants and small creatures your little gardener will discover successively. The garden is an open book teaching the young ones not only notions of botany, but also civic sense and responsibility.


Do not expect perfection from your child and make sure that the new activity is fun for him. Without a cheerful and positive attitude, gardening could easily become boring. To avoid this, you can put up a relaxation corner right next to the “working space”: a small pond filled with fish to be observed or even a few games. Your child will love this.

Your child will grow alongside the garden and he will definitely turn out to be an adult who cherishes the nature surrounding him or his house.

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