Hammock DIY – Create a relaxation corner in your garden

For every homeowner who wishes to infuse a sense of relaxation into his/her garden, a hammock is definitely a must have. Of course, you can buy one and just tie it, but creating one could prove to be more rewarding and it might turn out into a cool family project.


–       A beach towel, a blanket or a piece of fabric about

the same size


–       Leather strapping


–       Heavyweight cotton canvas (2 times longer than the fabric’s width and at least 4” width)

–       Rope

–       Scissors

–       Pins

–       Zip Ties

–       Cotton twine



  1. Cut the fabric into a rectangle (the ideal size would be 40”/80”).
  2. Fold 1” on the sides to create a hem. This will stop the fabric from fraying.
  3. Use the canvas to reinforce the top and bottom edges. Place them on the fabric, fold over and sew.
  4. Cut the strappings into 6-8” pieces and sew them on the top and the bottom to create loops.
  5. Put a 1’ long piece of rope through each loop and create a huge loop with all the loose ends.
  6. Wrap cotton twine around the final loop.


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