Keeping your dog in the backyard

Keeping your dog in the backyard

We know lots of you are animal lovers and, in this article, we are going to tell you how your backyard can be a blessing for your dog and how not to turn it into a curse.

Keeping a dog in an apartment is possible, but it is a lot harder than keeping him in a house that also has a backyard. However, having a backyard is not enough of a living arrangement for your 4-legged friend. If you want to keep him happy (and of course you want that), there will be some sweat and effort.

  1. Build him a house of his own

Building a

house for your dog can be a cool project for the entire family, especially if you have kids, because this teaches them responsibility. Of course, if you are not talented with the saw, you can buy one over-the-counter, but it will be a lot more expensive.

If you have a puppy, a cute little house seems like a good idea, but your pup will grow really fast, so make sure it’s appropriate for his adult size.



  1. Build a play area

Just like you put together an entertainment center for yourself and a playroom for your kids, your dog needs a play area. Now, there are many ways you can do that and here are some ideas:




Keep in mind that if your dog is bored, he will get himself into trouble. To occupy his time, he will dig holes, bark at every sound, plan an escape, eat your flowers… should we go on?

  1. Don’t keep the dog exclusively outside

Specialists say that dogs need to have access to your living area and the possibility of sleeping inside, especially during bad weather. Needless to say you should never, under any circumstances, tie or chain your dog. If you raise him well, that won’t be necessary. Also, a dog that is kept outside all the time will have a harder time bonding with the family.

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