Lattice fence panels and trellis

Lattice fence panels have that particular property of being, simultaneously, decorative and practical elements. They are beautiful, environmentally friendly, easy to build and often a saving solution for both appearance and functionality of your garden.

For practical uses, we need to start with them protecting us against the hot sun rays. This is very important – first because UV radiation does terrible damage to the skin and – second, for your personal comfort. This protection wall will be much more antithetically pleasing if  you plant climbing

plants right next to them.


Lattice fence panels and trellis can also be used for fencing. You can dispense of the classical iron/stone fencing and choose a stunning wooden structure decorated with plants like the honeysuckle or wild roses. To make sure your fence is durable, especially in a rainy environment, we recommend using a different material in the bottom area (i.e. cement). Also for durability, make sure you use quality wood and that this is dry, finished on all sides and protected by a layer of paint or varnish.


You can also use this kind of panels to create wooden mobile structures like the ones presented in the picture below. Their role, as you probably already guessed, is to separate certain areas like, for example, a relaxing area or a children playground. Since we are at “playgrounds”, make sure you read our article about creating one. You can find it here.

Being such a light structure, there shouldn’t be a problem when you rearrange your space or you just feel like moving it.


For a decent price, you can purchase quality fence panes in an inexhaustible variety of shapes and colors. Just make sure they coordinate with the rest of the garden and decide which imperfections you want to hide using them.


photos via Pinterest

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