Lawnmower – What mower suits you best?

The garden surrounding your house needs quite a bit of investment if you want your green oasis to look beautiful, clean and healthy. Part of your investments should definitely be a lawnmower.

If you have come to the conclusion you need to buy such an item, first of all you need to decide which type (there are plenty of them)  suits you best considering your gardens characteristics (area, land slope and the existence of narrow spaces). You also have to consider how much time you are willing to dedicate to this activity.

Lawnmowers can have an electric motor or a combustion one and the electric ones can run on batteries or can be

powered trough an electric cord. Obviously, we mustn’t forget about the manual version. Also, these machines can also be classified by the type of blades they are using. For instance, rotary mowers use a single blade that rotates (as the name shows) around a vertical axis, while other models operate multiple blades that rotate around a horizontal axis called cylinder or drum (reel mowers).


A small and narrow garden means the power outlet couldn’t be very far, therefore we recommend an electrical mower with a power cord. They weigh under 30 pounds and can be easily handled, with just one  hand, even in the hidden corners. What you have to take into consideration is that most of these models do not have a grass collection bag, therefore you will need to take care of the cut grass using a rake.

Mowers powered by batteries are autonomous to power outlets and not necessarily more expensive. We recommend this type for larger gardens.

There are mowers powered by a combustion motor. The fuel is regular gas and the consumption is pretty low. They have autonomy and can be safely used on bumpy terrain.


If you have more time and energy, or if you want to be more eco-friendly, you can always choose the manual mower. What about this contraption? 🙂


Whichever model you choose, you should take into account the storage options. Based on this, thoroughly analyse the overall dimensions and the possibility to fold the handle.


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