Lucky plants for your garden

If you are passionate about the art of Feng Shui, the one that shares a philosophy based on Japanese culture and traditions, then you probably already know that any form generates a certain kind of energy. So what plants should you plant so they could bring your force, plentiful and healthy? In general the succulent plants with thick fleshy leaves and colored in dark green.

The Peony is considered by the Chinese the king of the garden and it is thought it brings wealth.  Regardless of color it brings abundance and prosperity, but the red one is said to bring girls their soul-mates as well. Specialists say

that he should not miss any home addition.


Gardenia is a shrub looking plant,delicate and very fragrant. In the Polynesian archipelago, tourists are offered gardenia flowers in the form of wreaths and necklaces, as a sign of hospitality. Even if it is a sensitive plant needing moist and acidic soil, with good drainage and plenty of organic matter, this herb should not be missing in your garden because it is associated with affection, honor, love of people, sensitivity and reliability.


The Lent Lily, especially if it is white, appears to have the gift to influence career and to bring those who live around it well-deserved success and acclaim. It is said that her energy and talent well structured will influence a person’s abilities, but it also – apparently – represents modest and hidden love.


Don’t forget, when you want to choose the type of plants you want to have in your garden, about the Chrysanths (Mums). These flowers are the expression of a balanced life.

The classic Orchid is the symbol of fertility, while also symbolizing the constant search for perfection and spiritual evolution.

The flower colors also have their symbolism:

purple – inspiration and career;

beige – knowledge, wisdom and education;

green and brown – health and family;

redpink or brown – happiness, longevity and recognition;

yellow – the relationship (the couple), love, marriage.

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