Natural Stone – Elegance and Durability

When it comes to decorating outdoor space, natural stone is one item that will never go out of style. It has been used from ancient times and makes the perfect combination of elegance and durability, giving strength and expressiveness to any garden. One other aspect to be considered is the versatility of this material and its many purposes. 

1. Paving alleys. Depending on the style of the house and the vibe you want to give to your garden, you can choose different sizes and cuts for the natural stone. For instance, irregular stones make the

perfect rustic look, while a clean and precise cut will give your space a modern allure. If you would like to have a romantic and texture, perforations trough which plant can grow would be a wonderful way to achieve that.


2. Landscaping. Natural space is great at delimiting space, but it also creates amazing visual effects. They can be used in scattered assemblies, here and there, or to create curbs and walls.


3. Decorative objects.  The stone can be cut and carved, and the objects obtained from it can be true works of art, offering unique style to any place where it is used. Here are just a few ideas: stone benches, flower pots of the same material, tables and chairs and, why not, birdhouses.  


4. Fountains and waterfalls.  In an area full of greenery, a body of water is more than adequate and stone, with its many shapes, textures and colors, is a perfect material for such a construction. A pond or a fountain gives any garden that “something” that makes it all seem… a lot more alive.


5. Hearths. If you want to give up the classic grill and find a more original way to create an original environment for a great meal with your family or guests, turn your attention to concave stone constructions.



photos via Pinterest

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