Ornamental Trees for your Garden – Recommended types

In backyard/garden centered discussions, usually, the subjects that arise are related to furniture, grills, alleys etc. In this article we are going to turn our attention to the living part of our decor. Specifically, we are going to discuss about ornamental trees. Evergreen trees By far, this is the most popular

option. It’s very easy to understand why people are choosing this type of trees – they keep their look during the winter as well. Also, in the holiday season, they are great for decorations. Do you want an evergreen garden? Here are our recommendations: Austrian Pine AustrianPine Blue Star Juniper blue-star-juniper-tree Fraser Fir Fraser2 Flowering trees If you choose flowering trees, during the spring, your garden will leave you breathless. However, these type of trees are harder to maintain and also more expensive to purchase. Make sure that the climate is favorable for them before planting, and take all necessary precautions to keep the pest away! Do you want an amazing spring? Here are our recommendations: Redbud tree eastern-red-bud Fringe tree fringe-tree Crabapple tree crabapple-tree

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