The outdoor fireplace

The season is changing and, perhaps, you are missing those relaxed evenings you were spending in the middle of the nature, those beautiful and relaxed summer nights in the garden near your house. There is a solution for you to be able to do that a little longer, in spite of the cold: the outdoor fireplace. It will help you enjoy the warmth of a wood fire, but also create an intimate space where you can relax after a day’s work, reading a book or sipping a cup of tea.

A brick outdoor fireplace will remind you, perhaps, of those vacations

you used to spend in a country house, but the most exciting part is that you can use it throughout the year, when you are in the mood for barbecuing for your friends and family.


If you are a person with a modern vision and especially if you can’t stand the smell made by the wood burning in the fireplace, there are variations made out of special materials, using intelligent fuel, which eliminate this inconvenience, but manage to keep the unique beauty of a real fire.


Modern fireplaces can be included in the garden’s dividing areas, recalling impressive art monuments; they can be in the shape of lanterns or candle holders (much larger, of course) or they can be integrated in the social space, on a table placed in the middle of the terrace, heating up the atmosphere both literally and figuratively.


An outdoor fireplace is definitely a worthy investment, as it has, besides a decorative function, real utility: you can welcome your guests in the garden even if it is chilly outside and your children can spend more time outside with you, without worrying they might catch a cold.

One thing you should not forget is safety! Make sure you never leave the fire unattended and you don’t let children play dangerously close to it.

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