Plants vs. Mosquitoes

By now, you must be enjoying the summer, your tan that’s becoming more beautiful with each passing day and long evenings spent in the garden. But with summer it’s not just about the joy. Let’s not forget this is the season when the nagging war against the mosquitoes starts. What can be worst than the marks they leave on your skin or the annoying buzz in your ears? Of course, there are several solutions to deal with them, and are going ahead of each other with several types of substances. But these are chemicals and they could cause serious side-effects,

like allergies. So what is there to do? Nature has the answer! There are plants that help with the mosquito problem and, in the meantime, they are also contributing to the aesthetics of your garden.

 1. Mint

Most insects, and mosquitoes are no exception here, hate the taste and smell of mint. Plant it in your garden and it will act like a natural invisible barrier that will keep insects away. If however, one ambitious mosquito manages to pass trough to bite you, rubbing mint leaves directly onto the skin will considerably reduce the itching. Shell we go further with the advantages? We’ll say only this: lemonades and Mojito.


2. Rosemary

You most certainly used this in your kitchen, perhaps when cooking lamb or fish. Did you know that this plant has beautiful flowers to decorate your garden? Furthermore, were you aware it keeps mosquitoes away while attracting the most beautiful butterflies?


3. Cascade flowers

The Pelargoniums genus has beautiful flowers and, if you plant it in suspended pots, it will amaze you with the colorful cascades. These also act as a shield against mosquitoes, so it’s a win-win.


These are not the only beautiful plants that also act as a natural barrier against mosquitoes; you can also rely on Basil, Petunias and Lavender.


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