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Preparing your garden for the cold season means more than just protecting your furniture and your barbecue; you also need trees, flowers, bushes and lawn for the winter coming.

You may start with ventilating your lawn by poking the soil with a garden fork. This is the easiest method to rejuvenate the grass on which your kids ran and played all summer. This is also the period when you need to apply the fall/winter fertilizer, so don’t forget about it. This helps the root development and intensifies the color. If you want, you can

also apply whitewash, as this will keep your grass healthier.

This period is also ideal for grooming your hedge and bushes. The leaves are all falling, so it’s the best period for you to remodel it. Give it the desired shaped by trimming about one third of the branches’ length. This will also make the bushes more resistant to cold and the snow that will deposit onto them.


If you want to multiply your herbs, you can pick some shoots you can plant in a pot you’ll keep inside the house. By the time spring comes, you will have a bush that you can plant in the garden.

Another important activity you need to do is the removal of unwanted (invasive) plants. Pull out any weed you see, so as to make sure you won’t deal with an invasion in the spring.

Do not forget to:

  • empty the hoses and store them in the shed; otherwise they may freeze and crack
  • store the mower in appropriate conditions (let it run until it consumes all the fuel, otherwise it might dry and produce engine damage)
  • cleanse and oil all the garden tools before storing them


  • look for good deals on new gardening tool (this is the period with the most discounts)
  • feed the birds, as they are getting less and less food in nature

garden birds

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