Prepare your garden for the cold season – Protect the garden furniture

Autumn is the season when your garden suffers important changes and, with the advent of rain and cold temperatures, you need to take steps to protect the garden furniture and the grill who gave you joy and relaxation throughout the summer. To be able to enjoy them again next hot season, you need to consider the following:

Remove all the dust and cobwebs from the garden furniture and, on a sunny day, use the hose to wash them. Then, store it in a dry shed, protected by the sudden temperature changes. Also, you need

to make sure you don’t place is directly onto the ground, but rather place some wooden planks under it. Don’t forget about the umbrellas. Collect them and wrap them in plastic. If you have any curtains on your pergola, they must be washed, ironed and stored in a closet.

 garden furniture in Autumn 1

Pillows and mattresses also need cleaning. Check the labels to see what type of washing is recommended for them and don’t forget to vacuum them before washing to remove dust and debris. After they dried, store them in a dry environment, in vacuum bags or plastic boxes.

The children’s play area also needs your attention. Empty the sand pit and cover it with a protective film to prevent animals’ or insects’ unwanted visits. The slides and swings can remain outside, so just take a little time to clean them.

You may want to use the barbecue during the cold season as well, but Autumn is the perfect moment to check and clean it. Clean the grease and grime residue using special solutions, as water will create rust. If the barbecue is a simple one, with an open pit/oven, you can create a wood or metal cap to keep out the rain and snow. If it is removable, it is a good idea to store it away in a shed or in the garage.

garden furniture in Autumn2

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