Prepare your garden for Halloween

Regardless of age differences, Halloween is a holiday we’re all eagerly waiting. Besides the fun we have on the “haunted evening”, preparations for this day can be equally entertaining. So how do you prepare your garden for Halloween?

Stores are full with all sorts of themed items you can just purchase and take home, but it is far more interesting to involve the whole family in a DIY project. Not only will it be a fun activity, it will also have instructional value for the kids that have the opportunity to develop their imagination and handcrafting


For the garden, Halloween should be all about lamps and decorating candles. A cheap an ingenious idea involves recycling milk jugs. Besides those, you will need a permanent marker and not a lot of talent to draw eyes and mouths that are either sad, happy or grinning.


Another idea involves colored glass jars on which you can stick eyes, mouths and noses previously cut from black paper. You can place small candles inside them or, if you are worried about the fire, LED lights.

A Halloween without ghosts is nothing, so allow these creatures to invade your garden. Some old sheets will be sufficient to bring them to life. Paint their eyes and mouths and find something to use as a support. For this purpose, the gardening tools could come in handy.


And what goes really well with ghosts? Bats, naturally.


Of course, the king of decorations and the main attraction will be the pumpkin, therefore we expect to see one in every corner of your garden. You can fill a wheelbarrow with pumpkins, you can place them on the stairs or you can put together a small workshop where the children can carve them. About this workshop, it wouldn’t hurt to encourage them to practice for a few days before so they can have the perfect pumpkin on the big night.


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