Small garden tricks

Perhaps the space around your house is small and you find it difficult to achieve that spectacular look you keep seeing on our website? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are a few simple tricks to come to your aid.

Plant flowers with bold colors

By creating a focal point of color, the size of your garden will become considerably less significant. For this purpose, we recommend planting roses, especially that kind that falls in cascades. This type of flowers has the power to offer a lot of amplitude.


Separate the space

You can create a “flower island” right

in the heart of your small garden. The distinct areas offer the illusion of the larger space, and, when decorating a small garden, this is our first concern.


Create winding alleys

These, again, will create the illusion of a more generous space. You will able to walk on a larger surface of your garden and and curved forms are more often used in landscaping than rigorously drawn angles.

Improvise a place to relax

No matter how small your garden is impossible to fail at this. You do not need sophisticated equipment, a bench (or chair) and a table making you feel great in your oasis of greenery will do just fine. If you manage to separate this space from the rest with some shrubs of medium height, it would be perfect, but there is no trouble if you can’t.


The mirror in the garden

It is a known fact that a mirror can help create the illusion of space. So, to give the impression of a larger garden, all you have to do is place a mirror in a strategic point of the garden, to reflect light and shine in that area.


To effectively use all the elements of which we’ve mentioned above, and get a better sense of larger space, I suggest you carefully frame the landscape. How can you do this? For instance, you can raise a pergola at the entrance. That’s a whole new perspective, isn’t it?



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