The little children house in the garden

If your child’s birthday is approaching and you are out of ideas, perhaps his own little children house in the garden will be a good idea. Why is that? Because firstly, it is a truly unique toy and secondly because, besides the fact that it will provide a perfect playground, it will develop his sense of responsibility, learning how to keep it orderly and tidy, all while he is spending time in a dream-like place which will give wings to his imagination.

The little house in the garden should be lightweight. Although there are plenty plastic options

in stores, we recommend you to buy (or build) one out of wood. It is more ecologically friendly, more durable and it resembles a real house better. Being an object dedicated to a child, you need to make sure that the wood is very well polished and the finish is not in any way toxic. The indoor furniture should be minimalist. Perhaps a miniature table and some small chairs. It is, after all, just a place to play in and you should encourage more outdoor activities, like gardening.


If the space and budget are sufficient, you can choose a more sophisticated construction, such as a house suspended on pillars. Beneath it, your child can have a playground that’s protected against the sunlight, a sandpit protected from rain, or even a place where he can shelter the bike in case of bad weather.


You should take into account the idea of a house tree as well. A tree house is much more difficult to accomplish since special conditions need to be met with regard to its location. A tree that is too old or too young may not be a good support. Choose a tree with a very thick block and avoid trees that are elastic.  Also, pay great attention to the path of access and consider the fact that your child might want to receive guests.



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