Watering tips for perfect plants

Can you imagine a garden without those beautiful trees, flowers and decorative plants? We sure can’t, but keeping them in shape is not an easy task. It all starts with the watering – the most important process in taking care of everything that is green. However, we noticed some people are lacking basic knowledge in this field and, no matter how hard they try, the plant end up dying before their time.

Here are some watering tips to help you with this:

1. Concentrate on the root area.

The water feeds the plants trough the root, so watering the foliage may prove very

ineffective. Of course, when it rains, the same thing happens, but, as you can probably imagine, we are talking about a different amount of water. If you want to be economical and efficient, make sure you are concentrating your watering around the roots. Of course, watering the leaves also helps getting rid of the dust, so don’t neglect them completely.


2. Water deeply!

If you are watering plants in your garden, make sure the water is going deep into the ground. If you are taking care of potted plants, you should keep watering until you see water coming out from the hole in the bottom of the container. Many plants have really long roots so a superficial watering will prove inefficient.


3. Water in the morning.

It’s best to water when the temperatures are not that high, so never do it mid-day during the summer, as the water heats and it may affect the roots. On the other hand, wet leaves pose a higher risk for disease, so, by watering in the morning, you allow them enough time to dry during the day.

4. Learn about your plants.

Different plants have different needs, so make sure you meet them. Some of them are more “thirsty” than others so do your research and create a clear schedule. Of course, keep in mind that it also rains – if that happens, skip a few days, depending on the volume of water.

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