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What to plant along fences and walls


If you want to make a privacy fence  or to have  some plants that climb over  fences or walls, there are some, that do really good in this situations. We’ve made a top five so let’s see what to plant along fences and walls.

  • The trumpet vine is part of Bignoniaceae family. This is a very beautiful  flowering climber. The leaves are opposite, ovate, pinnate, emerald green when new, maturing into a dark green. The flowers come in terminal cymes of 4–12, orange to red in color with a yellowish throat, and generally appear after several months of warm weather.
trumpet vine
  • Jasmine – is very delicate and has small white flowers with overwhelming fragrance. It likes sun to light shade and relatively fertile, well-drained soil. Jasmine bushes can be planted any time between June and November.
  • Morning Glory vines will quickly cover trellises, pergolas, arches and fences. You can use them to create a colorful wall or to cover an unattractive area. This spectacular plant will quickly cover an arbour or arch for the summer. Water freely during growing season and once or twice a week during dry periods; but again, established morning glory plants can tolerate drier conditions. Cut back watering in winter.
Morning Glory
  • Wisteria, a high-climbing vine blooms vigorously in spring with large, drooping clusters of lilac or bluish-purple flowers. Fabaceae is the family of our beautiful purple wisteria. You can plant it in spring or fall in full sun and fertile, moist and well-draining soil. 
What to plant along fences and walls
  • Honeysuckle from Caprifoliaceae family needs a place with full sun to flower more abundantly. Climbing honeysuckles can be grown in most soil types but prefer a well-drained and humus rich soil. It produces scented flowers. Honeysuckle should be planted in spring or fall. Some species are highly fragrant and colorful, so are cultivated as ornamental garden plants. Honeysuckles are best known for their sweet smell and flavor.
What to plant along fences and walls

Not that you’ve seen our suggestions on what to plant along fences and walls you can decide which one is best for you and your garden.

Happy gardening!

Photos via Pinterest.

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