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We all want our backyard to be an oasis of calm and beauty, a place where we can relax if we are physically or spiritually tired, surrounded by beautiful and perfumed flowers. It might seem a pretty simple thing at first glance, but, in order to enjoy all that, a lot of hard work is in order. Maintaining a garden requires all sorts of activities and many of them are not very friendly with our hands. We will need to get in contact with the wet soil, with beautiful but not very friendly plants (for example, the roses with their thorns) and various substances we might use to fertilize

the soil or remove pests.

Is there a way so both the garden and our hands may look equally beautiful? The answer is “YES”. The secret lies in choosing the right tools.


There are many types of gardening gloves available. For example, the cotton gloves are recommended for easy tasks carried in a dry environment. Rubber gloves, on the other hand, are a must when undertaking more challenging tasks, like mowing trees and hedges.

We noticed many people who share our gardening passion are not aware of how important neoprene gloves are. Some of them don’t even know they exist. Let us tell you that they are vital when handling chemical substances, like fertilizers and pesticides.


Cleaning tools

You can’t say you truly completed something until you make sure you thoroughly cleaned everything behind you. The cleaning, however, is a process that can be easily optimized if you have the right tools for each particular activity: an adjustable rake to collect plant residue, a grout brush to maintain the beauty of your alleys and a yard broom to collect all debris in one place.


Planting/Transfer Tools

For your work to be a lot easier, make sure you purchase these: a regular shovel (for digging and grubbing), a weed puller, a fork, a hand shovel and a planting hoe.



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