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Top 5 plants you can leave outside in winter


In this article we are going to see the Top 5 plants you can leave outside in winter. If you like to have plants and flowers at home, you have noticed for sure, that sometimes outside it is difficult to keep the flowers in good condition or even to make the plants bloom. This depends a lot on the climate in which we live and, above all, on the type of plant we have. Therefore, the best thing to do, if you want to show off a beautiful terrace, garden or balcony is to choose plants that bloom in winter or autumn and that withstand low temperatures.

Durillo or wild laurel

Scientifically known as Viburnum tinus, this plant is perfect to have in a garden. It is a bush very resistant to low temperatures, down to -15ºC, and it looks in perfect condition all year round. Durillo is one of the plants that blooms in winter, a perennial, rustic and decorative shrub highly appreciated in gardening for its elegant growth and abundant flowering. So if you add it to your garden, ground or terrace you will have white flowers from mid-winter until well into spring. Without a doubt, it is an easy-growing plant that will hardly give us work and will look beautiful and beautiful in our garden or terrace.

perennial plants you can leave outside in winter
perennial plants you can leave outside in winter

Remember that every year, once it no longer has flowers, it is necessary to prune the entire bush so that the driest parts are eliminated. In addition, the durillo or wild laurel requires little care, that is, it needs basic care like any other type of shrub, but they are not continuous. With a suitable soil, that drains well, natural light with sun and shade and one watering a week it can grow and develop perfectly.

The and the Viola

The Pansy and the Viola are two varieties, two plants of the same family, and very similar. They are mainly differentiated by the size of the flower. The viola flower is smaller, and the plant produces many flowers. On the other hand, the pansy produces fewer flowers but they are larger.

It is a characteristic plant of autumn and winter. It likes the cold and gives us color and personality to our home at this time of year. Pansies are surprisingly hearty in cold weather, though. They’ll survive a frost, bouncing back from even single digit temperatures. If the blooms wither in the cold, the plants will often stay alive to bloom again, which makes them a great flowering plant for fall and early winter color.


Among the most used outdoor flowering plants for cold in gardens and terraces is Jasminum officinale. Jasmine has small, dark green leaves and small, white flowers, but what I like most about this winter-resistant plant is its characteristic and sweet smell. There is another variety called Trachelospermum jasminoides that withstands the cold even better.

These are climbing plants, so you will have to place them in an area of ​​wall, wall, lattice or place sticks that act as a guide in their pot.

Obconic primrose

There are many varieties of primroses, but the obconic primrose or Primula obconica is the one that best withstands the cold and maintains its flowers. Therefore, it is widely used to decorate exteriors in winter. Its flowers are very colorful and it is a very resistant plant, since it can endure up to -5ºC in good conditions.

They bloom from mid-winter to early spring and have a wide variety of colors and tones. For it to develop well, it is necessary to add a little compost every few months so that it is well nourished, that the soil drains well so that it does not puddle and that the watering is done every 2 or 3 days. In addition, it is necessary to place it in an area where it is directly exposed to natural light, so try to water it when the sun is already low to prevent its leaves, stems and flowers from burning.

plants you can leave outside in winter
plants you can leave outside in winter

The holly plant (Ilex aquifolium)

Scientifically called Ilex aquifolium, holly is one of the most characteristic plants of cold and shady climates, you will surely see it a lot at Christmas time. These are the typical dark or light green leaves with yellow or whitish lines and small red balls, which usually decorate homes at Christmas time.

In this case, although it can be potted indoors, the best thing for this species is to live planted in the soil outside. So if you have a place in your garden where it is cold and there is shade, holly is definitely a great choice. This shrub is very decorative and also withstands even frost.

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