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Why aren’t my flowers blooming?


Why aren’t my flowers blooming? Sometimes our plants suddenly stop blooming and we don’t understand why. If it has never produced flowers, it is probably because the plant has not yet reached its mature age. The causes of the lack of flowers can be many and very diverse. Today we tell you some factors that influence a plant not to bloom.

The age of the plant

For a plant to produce flowers it must have developed that capacity. Not all plants mature at the same age. There are plants that bloom early and others that take many years. For example if you plant a calendula, in 3 or 4 months it will already be giving flowers. But if you are trying to reproduce a wisteria from seed, you will not see its flowers for 7 to 10 years.

Lack or excess of light

We must also take into account that the plant is located in a place where the climatic conditions are adequate for its correct development. Light is necessary for photosynthesis to take place and the plant to produce its food. When a plant does not have enough solar lighting, it lacks the necessary energy to perform its basic functions, and flowering is one of the first to be inhibited.

A plant must receive enough sun

There are plants that need a lot of sun, but there are also some plants that if they have more sun than necessary, they will scorch. Bright light is enough for shade plants, but never direct rays from the sun. If a plant receives excessive insolation, the flowers are the first thing to lose.

why aren't my flowers blooming

Soil pH and soil drainage

The pH measures the acidity of the soil and controls the chemical processes that occur in it. You should know that there are plants that do better in acidic soils (low pH) and plants that prefer alkaline ones (high pH). If a vegetable is planted in soil with inadequate pH, it will not be able to absorb food from the soil. That will affect its development and, of course, its flowers.

Poor soil drainage can cause the roots to rot due to excess water, affecting not only the non-formation of flowers, but also the health of the plant that can die.

why aren't my flowers blooming

Next time you ask yourself why aren’t my flowers blooming, take into consideration all aspects above and eliminate them one by one.

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