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Of course, when you want a neat garden, you know you must have all the necessary tools. We are not going to enumerate them here, but we wonder how much attention do you pay to the tools organizing activities.

Ideally, you should have a home annexed structure dedicated solely for this purpose – a shed. This would provide you plenty of space, but its absence shouldn’t keep you from knowing exactly where you rake, broom or lawn mower are. If you don’t have a shed, you could, for instance, build a large “toolbox” in a corner of your


It can be, considering the costs, just like a larger wooden cabinet.

tool 2

When building such an item, the one thing you should always avoid is clutter, therefore try keeping it neat and tidy and structure in a way that makes it truly functional. For this purpose, keep in mind the following:

Mount shelves all the way from the bottom to the top. You can use old wood from replaced doors or pieces from old furniture. Sort the items into categories and place the small ones in boxes.


A rack will help you more than you think with organizing tools with long handles. If the space is not generous enough for you to place a standalone rake inside, you can build one on the inner side of the door. Also, is some cases, some “pockets” are also needful in this place, to store seeds and seedlings.

tool 4

Leave the floor free. A place where you store the watering hose, crates and bags of soils is the perfect hiding spot for rodents.

Discard the broken tools or those which you don’t use anymore. We all have a little hoarder in us, but organizing means keeping the numbers down to what’s strictly necessary.

You can store here the soil and fertilizers as well, but make sure you place them in sealed containers to protect them against frost.

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