Garden Fountains – An oasis of coolness

During the hot days of summer, your garden can be easily transformed into an oasis of coolness. For this, you need some shady trees under which you can hide and a water fountain to complement the landscape design and add that element of freshness into a otherwise torrid environment.

A fountain revitalizes the space around your home and significantly contributes to the atmosphere.

Water fountains give an acoustic and visual sense of calm and give that sense of coolness when the thermometer shown a lot of degrees. Also, standing near

a fountain is truly therapeutic: it grants inner peace and spiritual equilibrium.

Make sure your fountain coordinates with the other elements in your garden. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products and accessories and you most certainly can find something to fit your taste and budget. If you have the necessary skills and spare time, you can also build your own design.

We are sure you have seen plenty designs so far, so we are going to show you some ideas that are less common, but very beautiful:

Pottery fountain

It consists of pottery in different shapes and colors, modern or rustic. It is a very creative and ingenious decor.


Fountain of barrels

If you have some old barrels, don’t throw them away. You can use them to create a fabulous fountain to complete a beautiful rustic decor.


Stone fountain

A few carefully placed stones can turn into the body of a spectacular fountain. Just make sure you are using stones that are easy to process so it doesn’t take forever to cut and adjust. For this purpose, we recommend limestone or sandstone.


These are just three examples, the possibilities are endless when it comes to garden fountains. Use your imagination and create a “wow” effect in your garden.

photos via Pinterest

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